Video: Covenant Distinctions Dispensationalism vs. LBC

  Following up the previous post on the history of Covenant Theology, where the development of dispensational theology in America was described, the video below gives a helpful overview of the theological distinctions between dispensationalism and Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology, also  called 1689 Federalism, as outlined in the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession.  

The New Covenant Constitution of the Church and Dispensationalism

  The last several posts have focused primarily on reforming the local church.  In keeping with this, our focus now shifts to what a New Testament Church should look like.  Although the majority of the post below was written before the recent posts on reformation, it seemed best to me that it be held off … Continue reading The New Covenant Constitution of the Church and Dispensationalism

Understanding Dispensationalism

Tom_Nelson_Dispensationalism Video is available here: The sermon above is by Tommy Nelson of Denton Bible Church in Denton, Texas. First let me say that Tommy Nelson is an excellent preacher who is knowledgeable and passionate about God’s Word. His study on Song of Solomon is worth the price and his sermon on Romans 9 is … Continue reading Understanding Dispensationalism