Bucket Drops 9/07/10 – Religious Freedom in America?


The last few weeks have offered up little in the way of world news which impacts Christianity, or issues which need to be viewed with a Biblical worldview, with exception of Glenn Beck and President Obama’s faith.  While I believe there is value in discussing the events surrounding Beck, I do want to prevent it from becoming a daily blog post and still maintain balance with teaching, etc.  Having said that, there are some interesting alliances that are being made involving Glenn Beck, which I hope to discuss in the not too distant future.  I’ll leave the debate over the President’s faith to the “experts”, but simply refer to Matthew 7:20 which states that false prophets will be identified by their fruits.  Examine the fruits and the answer is evident.

There are a few stories though that I found noteworthy.

Judge declines to dismiss charges against Christian Street Preachers

original story here:

4 Christian Evangelists arrested at Arab Festival

This is still America right?  Well at least for now.  The links above involve 4 street preachers from the Acts 17 Apologetics Ministries who were arrested June 18, 2010 for sharing the Gospel inside the Arab Festival in Dearborn, Michigan, a city with a largely Arab population.  The latest story is that the judge who is trying the case has refused to dismiss the charges, clearly violating the First Amendment.  Below are a couple clips from the Festival, which are quite alarming.  When Christian persecution picks up steam in America will you stand up for the Gospel or wilt away?  Make no mistake about it, it’s coming.

Here is video from the arrest and commentary from those arrested.

Additional footage from the Arab Festival and their attempts to distribute the Gospel OUTSIDE of the Festival on a public street.

Here’s is another recent clip and no this one wasn’t in Dearborn.  In fact I don’t even think it was in the same state.

“Behold, the nations are like a drop from a bucket, and are accounted as dust on the scales; behold he takes up coastlands like fine dust.” Isaiah 40:15

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