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Sermon of the Week: 10/12/11 – The Essence of the Gospel

I’ve haven’t been able to post yet this week, but I’m working on a few new articles and have some others in the works.  Until then, this week’s sermon is from Dr. Joel Beeke, “The Essence of the Gospel”.  Dr. Beeke is professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary as well as pastor of Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation, Grand Rapids, MI

2002.03.03.E The Essence of the Gospel – Dr. Joel Beeke – 330221270

Sermon of the Week 9/21/11: Carnal Christians

I’ve been hoping to roll out a new addition here to help provide additional resources for edification.  When I can, I try to listen to  sermons on a regular basis and thought it would be more beneficial if I shared some of them here.  Below is a 2-part series by Albert Martin on the Doctrine of Carnal Christianity.  Just a minor warning, it has a little old school fire and brimstone but the messages are rock solid concerning this widespread doctrine.  If I can make this a weekly occurance, I’ll search for some better audio players.

1964.01.05.A Carnal Christian Doctrine 1 – Albert N. Martin – 11110485122

1964.01.12.A Carnal Christian Doctrine 2 – Albert N. Martin – 11110485918