Dear Father

Dear Father, I’m praying for this land that You gave to us,

It used to be Under God and in Your name we trust.

But something happened along the road of this winding ride,

Our leaders became filled with greed and selfish pride.

The people have lost their way, faith, and trust in You,

Now the only way back to peace is faith and trust in You.

What can we do?  Please tell me there’s a way to Your grace,

Tell the people to kneel and seek Your Holy face.

It’s not too late; I know we have chance,

Let the Bride and Bridegroom come together for one final dance.

Please Lord, I’m coming to you with a humble heart,

Let men and evil days find a way to part.

You told us to ask, seek, knock and it will be given,

Please wake the people up and let them know that Jesus is risen.

I feel the people’s hearts are so cold,

I thank you Lord for Your Word and let me speak it bold.

One final plea before I end this prayer with a heart true,

Let us have one more revival before we join in heaven with You.

Your humble servant

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Christian saved by grace through faith.

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