George Floyd and the Gospel

Navigating through all of the opinions and responses from evangelicalism concerning not only the COVID-19 virus, but now the death of George Floyd and subsequent protests, riots, and takeovers as the deconstruction of American society continues can be a daunting task. On the one hand, we ought to be saddened and outraged at the murder of an image bearer of God, but we ought also ask ourselves are we outraged over ALL murders of image bearers regardless of skin tone, including those in the womb, including those murdered regularly in cities like Chicago or our own neighborhoods, including those who have died during in the midst of rioting for justice. On the other hand, we ought to be discerning to guard against the massive swell of Critical Race Theory that is using this as an opportunity to indoctrinate the masses, including professing believers. See this post on Critical Race Theory as a New Religion. As Christians, we must navigate these waters with Scripture alone, not through the lens of the world, not through pagan ideologies such as those discussed in this post, and not through our emotions.

As I have been extremely discouraged seeing one pastor/preacher/seminary after another bow-down to liberalism (though I really shouldn’t be surprised), recently I was EXTREMELY encouraged to hear the response of two Christian brothers on their latest Just Thinking Podcast. Darrell Harrison and Virgil “Omaha” Walker navigate listeners through how to respond in a scriptural manner to what we are seeing. Their analysis is really good and worth the listen. However, although it was extremely encouraging and edifying, it was simultaneously saddening because there are SO few who are addressing these issues scripturally with the clarity that Harrison and Walker do. Likewise, the cultural trend which has even invaded churches will be quick to dismiss them as out of touch. After listening to this podcast, it may be helpful to go back and reexamine all of the evangelical responses you’ve been hearing and compare the two. Which is more soundly Scriptural? Which is breaking down the constructed walls of division and which are holding them up? Which is playing into the narrative of race and which is upholding the Scriptural description of original sin in Adam and one fallen human race descended from him?

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Just Thinking Podcast: George Floyd and The Gospel
Below is the Southern Baptist Statement and its signatories as mentioned in the show. Pay attention to who is signing:

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