Interpreting the Speeches from Job: A Validation


In a post last year, I outlined some interpretive tips for properly understanding the speeches of Job, particularly those dialogues between he and his friends in chapters 2-27.  One of those tips was called, “take the good, leave the bad.”

Recently, when reading through 1 Corinthians, I ran across a citation from Job 5:13, which the Apostle Paul uses to support his case for the superiority of God’s wisdom over and against human wisdom.  In reading through this passage, it validates (thankfully!) this interpretive tip from the speeches in Job, namely that not all his friends say is incorrect or bad.  To read my thoughts on this in its entirety, see the link below:

In a forthcoming book (Lord-willing) on How to Study the Book of Job, I walk the reader through a series of keys to help them interpret and process through the speeches of Job?s friends, whic?


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