With the start of the New Year, one of my goals is to be more intentional with writing in 2020. Last year was probably one of my lowest post outputs since this blog was started back in January 2009. Over the last few months several life events have stalled my frequency of posts, namely a new position at work, selling our house, buying a more rural house, and more recently the opportunity to preach for a couple of weeks. I have several posts in draft form, several more that are part of longer running series that need completed (including those here theologybythebook.com), and a few ideas that are percolating in my mind. Additionally, I have still not hit the “publish” button on a book that wrote to help others navigate and interpret the Book of Job. I plan to do this soon as well. Hopefully, in the coming week (Lord willing) I can return to more regular and consistent writing schedule. Grace and Peace, John

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