Name of Jesus covered up during Presidential speech

In a follow up to yesterday’s post about the blatant misuse of the Sermon on the Mount by our Commander in Chief, comes this bit of news regarding “religious” symbols at the university where that very same speech was made.  This story broke yesterday evening has been all over the internet.  Apparently, The Obama Administration requested that religious symbols, namely the name of Jesus, be removed from Georgetown University’s Gaston Hall.  Georgetown, a Catholic institution, had as many as 26 references to Jesus throughout their Hall, but the ones directly behind the President’s podium were covered with a painted black piece of wood in one location and draped over in another.  The letters IHS, sometimes interpreted as Iesus Hominum Salvator, or “Jesus, Savior of men”, were the latest victims to an increasingly ecumenical administration.  The before and after photos, complements of, are posted below.  No word yet on whether the President requested that Muslim symbols be covered while visiting a Turkish mosque last week.






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