Palm Sunday: The Triumphant Entry of the King

On this Palm Sunday, the first Sunday before the Resurrection of Jesus, let us pause to reflect on the significance of His triumphant entry into Jerusalem.  In Luke 19:29, Jesus sends two of His disciples into the village of Bethphage and he tells them that they will find a donkey and her colt, upon which no one has sat, tied up.  He tells them to loosen them and bring them to Him.  The amazing, supernatural truths here, are that not only did Jesus know the two donkeys would be there, but that the donkeys’ owner would question taking them, to which Jesus instructed the disciples to say, “The Lord has need of them” and that the owner would comply.  Matthew 21:3 

When they returned, they placed their clothes on the colt’s back that Jesus might sit upon them.  This act of riding into Jerusalem on donkey colt fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament.  As we read in Zechariah 9:9, “Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion!  Shout, O daughter of Jerusalem! Behold, your King is coming to you; He is just and having salvation, Lowly and riding on a donkey, A colt, the foal of a donkey.”  As Jesus rode into the city, multitudes of people heard of His entry and ran ahead, laying down their clothes and branches of palm trees.  Luke 19:26 Mark 11:8 There are some important symbolic meanings here that we need to address.  The first is the donkey colt itself.  It’s seen as a lowly animal, representing Jesus’ humility, but also that of peace.  The act of laying down the clothing symbolizes submission and we likewise see this in II Kings 9:13.  Additionally, the palm branches are symbols of triumph and victory.  So we combine each of these images to visualize the majesty of Jesus’ humble, yet victorious entry into Jerusalem.  Upon Christ’s entrance, the people cried out, “Hosanna! ‘ Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD!’ Blessed is the kingdom of our father David that comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!” Mark 11:9-10 We also find the first part of this declaration in Psalm 118:26, as the psalmist declares the blessing of Jesus, who comes in the name of the Lord.  Likewise, the disciples began to praise Him declaring all the mighty works they had seen. Luke 19:37  Upon reprimand from the Pharisees, Jesus replied, “”I tell you,” He replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” Luke 19:40   

Our Savior’s glorious march into the city ultimately signifies the final days of His life on earth.  It’s symbolizes the coming culmination of His ministry and fulfillment of His work through His death on the cross and resurrection.  The image of the King of Kings riding into the city on a donkey colt, shows the power in humbleness of the True King.  It’s often that this picturesque story is left out, as we give little attention to Palm Sunday, and focus more on Passover and Easter Sunday.  But the beauty of Jesus’ entrance cannot be understated.  This entire image signifies the coming hope that we have in Christ through His death on the cross and the victory over sin that those in Christ gain in His resurrection.  Pause today and give reflection into this truly meaningful event.  

Matthew 21:1-11   Mark 11:1-11   Luke 19:28-40   John 12:12-19

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