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If you are following a daily Bible reading plan and have made it through the detailed tabernacle descriptions giving to Moses in Exodus, then you’re likely into Leviticus otherwise known as the graveyard of yearly Bible reading plans.  I say this a bit tongue-in-cheek, but there is a lot of truth in it because most of the time we fail to understand or properly apply Leviticus and give up reading.  Like much of the Old Testament, we hear little of it preached and understand even less of it when reading.  The wedge that has been driven between the two testaments, beginning with early gnosticism and continuing today with dispensationalism, has served to alienate the Church from the majority of God’s Word.  One thing I am personally disappointed about is that I neglected the Old Testament for the large majority of my life and I think it has been a major detriment in understanding the New Testament and properly understanding the continuity of God’s plan of redemption.

In my daily reading this week, I came across the following helpful charts for Leviticus in MacArthur’s Daily Bible (ironically, MacArthur describes himself as a “leaky dispensationalist” but he seems to rightly recognize and preach the types and shadows of Christ found in the OT).  This chart  seems helpful for at least causing us to think more about the implications of what we are reading, i.e. more than just the Old Testament sacrificial system for Israel.

How is Christ seen in the Levitical offerings?

How are the Old Testament sacrifices compared to Christ’s sacrifice?

For a look at my favorite chapter from Leviticus, ch. 16, see the posts here:

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  1. Thanks Roma, The MacArthur Daily Bible seems to be a really helpful resource. God Bless!

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