Salvation in the Old Testament – A Second Dispensational Perspective


It’s never fun when one’s beliefs are misrepresented or when straw men are used in an attempt to undermine a particular conviction that one may have.  Even still, it falls under the category of misrepresentation to say that a person who holds to a particular view or conviction necessarily represents everyone else who holds to the same view.

Now, while the video shown here indicates clearly that the perspective being presented regarding salvation in the Old Testament is dispensationalism, I wanted to give another example of a dispensationalist that rightly views salvation in the Old Testament.  I believe this is fair, so as to avoid any unfair criticism.  Below is a video of the well-respected Tommy Nelson.  I interacted briefly with his understanding of dispensational theology here.

In this video, Nelson, himself a dispensationalist, rightly points out salvation in the Old Testament and makes particular mention of the types that point forward to Christ.  As a side, it’s interesting to hear him conclude that God’s true religion has always and only been Christianity, i.e. faith in Christ.  He even goes so far as to call Christianity the right expression of Judaism, i.e. that it is Christ that has come from the line of Judah.  Not to undermine Dr. Nelson’s explanation here, but this should go to show that there exists a wide-range of views which identify themselves under the umbrella of dispensational theology.


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