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Introducing Dispensational Premillennialism

Due to the complexity of dispensationalism, I want to approach my interaction with Herman Hoyt’s description of dispensational premillennialism from The Four Views of the Millennium by providing more background than I did for George Eldon Ladd’s historic premillennialism.  Dispensationalism is much more than a view of the endtimes (eschatology), but is itself a system of interpretation (hermeneutic) for all of Scripture.  For that reason, I’ve included the video below by David Murray summarizing dispensational premillennialism and hope to include another video on the basics of dispensationalism later in the week.

A Revelation Symposium: Waldron, Hamilton, Demar

While I’m still looking for time to write up my response to dispensational premillennialism as presented in the book The Meaning of Millennium, the following resources have been made available from a symposium on Revelation held back in February.  Speaking at that symposium were Sam Waldron (partial idealist), systematic professor and dean at The Midwest Center for Theological Studies, Jim Hamilton (partial futurist), professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Gary Demar (partial preterist), president of American Vision.  The host and moderator is Brian Borgman. 

I may be slightly biased, having taken courses from Dr. Waldron, but if you have an interest in studying eschatology, particularly the thought behind the various views on Revelation, I would recommend purchasing these downloads.  Though it costs a little more, I purchased the package with the video, which was well worth it.  It provided “behind the scenes” clips and interviews which were entertaining and very well made.  Below is an introduction to the symposium followed by a link of the site where the event can be purchased and downloaded.  Also, below that, I’ve included a link to the transcript of Dr. Waldron’s position, as he highlights his interpretive principals supporting his view.


Dr. Waldron’s notes:

  1. A Redemptive-Historical, Modified Idealist Approach to the Book of Revelation
  2. Interpretation that takes into account the Context and Character of the Revelation
  3. Interpretation that takes into account the Structure and Theme of the Revelation
  4. The Meaning of Matthew 24, Part 1
  5. The Meaning of Matthew 24, Part 2
  6. Final Thoughts on the Revelation Symposium


Historic Premillennialism Video Summary

The following video, by David Murray may help clear up some of the more popular views within historic premillennialism (HP).  Keep in mind that although George Elden Ladd (reviewed yesterday) may identify with HP, he certainly doesn’t speak for every person espousing this view and, as in the other views, there is some latitude for varying beliefs among them.  Note also that this video helps explain one of the questions raised from Ladd’s view regarding the death and resurrection of those in the millennium.

Premillennial Timeline from Puritan Reformed on Vimeo.