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Sermon of the Week: 11/30/11 – Who do you think you are

The Doctrine of Election is an oft-misunderstood and always controversial subject.  In this sermon, Dr. Voddie Baucham expounds on election from Romans 9.  He challenges us to keep ourselves in proper perspective, as the clay, with the Almighty Creator, as the Potter.  It is a powerful message that goes to the heart of the Apostle Paul’s argument for God’s Sovereignty in Salvation in Romans 9:20. Whether you agree or disagree with election, the perspective of God as holy Creator and man as sinful creature is essential. 

2011.04.17.A Who Do You Think You Are – Voddie Baucham – 4181169361

Sermon of the Week: 10/26/11 – Spirituality and Your Mind

In this sermon, Dr. Voddie Baucham expounds on Romans 12:2 and  highlights the dangers of determining “God’s will” through feelings, signs, or ‘inner peace’ all of which he attributes to paganism.  He rightly concludes that God’s will is not a mystical hidden gem waiting to be discovered, but instead has been revealeded in His Word and can be discerned when we renew our minds.

2011.08.14.A Spirituality and Your Mind – Voddie Baucham – 8141123285