The Global Meaning of Calamity

In light of the earthquake in Haiti and the controversy surrounding some comments about how or why God allows calamities like this to happen, I found the following excerpt a very applicable Biblical explanation.  It’s  from a sermon series entitled, “Don’t Waste Your Life” by Pastor John Piper.   Too often our finite fallen minds cannot grasp events like these, but thankfully the Bible addresses them and provides answers in times when we think there are none.  The passage in Pastor John’s sermon that you do not hear the reference for is from Romans 8:18-25 ESV.

Be in prayer for the people of Haiti, that God would have mercy on the survivors, that God would use those who are offering support and assistance as missionaries for the Gospel, and that God would awaken the people of this world to run to Him for repentance.

*Given the alliance of Piper and Rick Warren, please see the warning post here: Red Skies In the Morning

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