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If you haven’t yet read the latest issue of Credo Magazine, “Churchy Gimmicks: Has the Church Sold Its Soul to Consumerism,” it’s well worth reading.  The format and layout are easy to navigate and the articles are well written.  Below are just a few of those included in the current issue:

  • “Have it your way: Has the Church sold its Soul to Consumeristic Entertainment” – An interview with T. David Gordon, by Matthew Barrett
  • “Church Gimmicks and the Idol of Success” – Brian H. Cosby
  • “What is Preaching For? Preaching that Fulfills its God-Given Purpose” – Dennis Johnson
  • “Who’s afraid of Church Discipline? Entering Forbidden Terrain in order to Recover a Biblical Practice” – Mark Devine
  • “Dead Church Walking: Why Church Revitalization is more Important than you think” – Harry L. Reeder III
  • “‘Bigger is Better’: When the Prosperity Gospel Creeps into the Evangelical Church” – Matthew Barrett
  • “The Lord’s Supper: A Means of Grace?” – Richard Barcellos (one of my seminary professors)

I was priveleged to be a part of the proofreading for this latest issue and looks like I may be part of the new proofreading team!


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