Top 10 Posts for 2011

This is the time of year when bloggers are publishing their “Top-10” lists, so as the annual tradition goes, here are the top-10 posts for this blog, based on number of views per post:

10. Book Review: Crazy Love – This was a decent book I guess, as I understand Francis Chan’s purpose for writing it, to awaken the slumbering, lukewarm Church.  It wasn’t without weaknesses as similar to Radical it seemed to sometimes operate on guilt and while the personal testimonies were helpful, they certainly can’t be deemed normative.  The simple solution to awaken the sleeping Church is the Gospel, namely magnifying the glory of God, exposing the sinfulness of man, and declaring the richness of salvation found in the atoning work of Christ.

9. Is Social Justice Biblical? – This post was essentially a response to Tim Keller’s book A Generous Justice because I disagreed with his definition of justice and it’s solution.  Likewise, it seems the definition of “Social Justice” that we hear so much of these days is inconsistent with the Bible’s call for believers to have mercy and compassion on those less fortunate.

8. Survey of the Cross – Substitutionary Atonement Part 1 – This post sparked a backlash of controversy that took weeks to not only sort out for myself theologically, but to persist through the spiritual abuse provided by some commenter’s.

7. The Love of the Lord – an excerpt from Charles H. Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening Devotional

6. Burning Down the Shack – An interview by Pastor Kevin Bolling with author James DeYoung about his book, Burning Down the Shack as he deconstructs the false message of William Young’s bestselling book, The Shack.

5. Consumerism: The Stumbling Block of a Generation – A holiday exposition from James 5:1-5 detailing the consumer mindset that is so prevalent in this country, particularly around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

4. Which Bible Version is Right for Me – This post was an answer to questions being raised about the new NIV, particularly as it related to some of the feminist language inclusion.  Provided is a helpful translation equivalency chart and some comparisons of the NIV with the ESV.

3. The Assuring Hand of God – A post about salvation assurance based on a conversation I had with a young man.  Highlighted is the passage from John 6:35-40, where Jesus teaches on the assurance of salvation.

2. Book Review – Radical – A similar book as the aforementioned Crazy Love and a review that I might have been a bit harsh on at the time.  Platt’s intent, as similar to Francis Chan’s, was to ignite the Church towards a radical Christianity that revolves around daily sacrifice and radical abandonment of self, all noteworthy and accurate.  However, it seemed much like Chan, that Platt may have operated from a position of guilt rather than pointing heavily to the Gospel as the central focus and motivating factor for people to live “radical” lives.  The biggest shortcoming seemed to be a lack of focus on discipleship, specifically how it is to operate within the local church.

1. Liberty University: An Unbiblical Alliance with the World – This post, having been quoted by several publications, generated the most views for 2011 as it specifically touched on Liberty University’s invitation of Mormon Glenn Beck to give a commencement address (in 2010).  The university unashamedly declared Beck a fellow believer in Christ.  This post helped me wrestle and learn about Mormon beliefs and also allowed me the opportunity to converse openly in the comments with a Mormon teacher.

This has been an unbelievably busy year for me, but the Lord has seen fit to continue to grow this blog and to teach me personally from it.  I truly hope that the Gospel goes out from here and that it challenges, teaches, and rebukes when necessary.  Even if just one person had been led to Christ or strengthened in their faith by stopping by, then by all means it has been worth it.

For the Glory of His name!

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  1. Thanks for your dedication to the truth of God’s word. The world needs more believers like you. Although you may never receive direct feedback that your blog has lead someone to salvation or has helped a fellow Christian, you know God’s word will not return to him void. Keep sowin’!!! 🙂

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