Transforming Grace

You know you don’t  understand God’s grace when you:

  • Live with a vague sense of His disapproval.
  • Feel sheepish bringing your needs before Him when you’ve just failed Him.
  • Think of His grace as something that makes up the difference between the best you can do and what He expects from you.
  • Feel you deserve an answer to prayer because of your hard work and sacrifice.
  • Assume that 1 John 1:9 no longer applies to you now that you’ve sinned so many times you’ve used up all your credit.
  • Feel more confident before Him if you’ve been “faithful” with your Christian disciplines (prayer, quiet time, witnessing, etc.)
  • Can’t honestly say you see yourself as “blameless” in His eyes.
  • Aren’t experiencing consistent peace and joy in your Christian life.
  • Don’t really believe He likes you.
  • Can think of someone you look down on.
  • Shy away from asking Him for things because you think it annoys Him.
  • Haven’t recently been tempted to go ahead and sin because you know your performance has nothing to do with your standing before Him.
  • Think of the Christian life as “the cost of discipleship” rather than the chance to experience an unending supply of His goodness toward you.
  • Fear that the day may not go as well as expected because you missed your quiet time.
  • Assume you can do something to make Him love you more or less.
  • Believe you’ve been called into His service because of your worthiness or qualifications.

From the inside flap of Jerry Bridge’s book, Transforming Grace: Living Confidently in God’s Unfailing Love. Purchase from Amazon here:

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