Video – The Great Commission: Social Work, Political Action, or Evangelism?

Last week in a book review of Radical, I made a statement that author David Platt perhaps had an “overemphasis” on the ‘Great Commission’ and because of that he should have developed his idea further, giving readers direction and guidance on how to proceed in this biblical mandate.  A point of clarification: in stating this as an example of ‘Great Commission’ overemphasis what I meant was that it seems a common practice these days among evangelicals to latch on to a verse in order to form support for a movement, mission, agenda, etc.  This is often done to the neglect of the remainder of the Bible and as such tilts the scales in living a biblically balanced life.  The ‘Great Commission’ is such an example because it is often used as a platform to promote missional agendas, social work, or political action, as we looked at yesterday in “Is Social Justice Biblical?”, and doing so can actually cause us to miss the passages meaning entirely.

In this brief video, Pastor John MacArthur provides a clear answer as to what the ‘Great Commission’ (Matthew 28:16-20) is about and how we as Christians are to implement it.

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