You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence but You Can’t Make Him Think

I wanted to share an article that appeared on World Net Daily today about a new book coming out that allows Christians to create a dialogue with Atheists. The book’s author is Ray Comfort and he is a ministry partner with “Fireproof’s” Kirk Cameron. Check out the article, in what no doubt will be an interesting evangelical read. Click here to re-read my blog on the British Atheist bus ads.
Just as atheists in America begin to develop unprecedented recognition, an evangelist with a long history of engaging skeptics is gearing up to help return them to obscurity.
“There are a lot of people who think atheism and the word intelligent are synonymous, when they’re not,” Ray Comfort, author of “You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence but You Can’t Make Him Think,” told WND
Comfort – whose book is scheduled for release by WND Books Feb. 12 – is the author of 60 titles and the co-host of “The Way of the Master,” a weekly television show about personal evangelism with actor Kirk Cameron, star of the hit movie “Fireproof.”
Autographed copies of Ray Comfort’s new book, published by WND Books, are available exclusively in WND’s online superstore.
Comfort’s new release takes readers into the heart of his lively and stimulating dialogue with skeptics, with questions and answers from his blog, Atheist Central. He’s also created a website, Pull the Plug on Atheism, where he says readers can find articles that “expose atheism for the foolishness that it is.”
Comfort has debated atheists in public forums and counts many among his friends, including Darrin Rasberry, who challenges readers in the book’s preface to “prove Ray wrong.”
Rasberry writes that with the advent of “New Atheism” – led by figures such as evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and journalist Christopher Hitchens – “hostility and ridicule have all but replaced open, honest discussion.”
“Scholarly and philosophical analysis have taken a back seat to pop polemics, and the biggest names in the movement have subsequently banished the art of philosophical study to make sure their diatribes sell,” Rasberry writes.
Comfort told WND he believes the rise of an aggressive “evangelistic” atheistic movement is a “symptom of moral decline.”
“The darker a nation gets, the more it hates the light,” he said. “The more a nation throws itself into sin, the more it’s going to hate righteousness.”
Comfort says the aim of his book isn’t just to convince hardcore atheists but to reach “people who sit on the fence, people who say, Oh I don’t know if God exists. I’m just not sure.”
“It’s very easy to prove that God exists,” Comfort insists. “You cannot have a creation without a creator. You cannot have things made without a maker. So all it takes is a little bit of common sense on the part of thinking people to realize atheism is a farce. It’s intellectual suicide. It makes no sense whatsoever.”
But Comfort’s book takes on all kinds of questions posed by skeptics, and many aren’t easily answered by the average believer.
Questions he tackles in “You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence but You Can’t Make Him Think” include:
“How do you know you have the right God?”

“Had any of you been born in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Syria, etc., there is nearly a 100 percent chance that you would be Muslim, and no amount of free will given to you from Jesus would prevent that.”

“So, a talking snake, a man living inside a whale’s stomach for three days, a virgin pregnancy, and a man walking on water don’t contradict logic?”

“You just don’t get it, Ray. Your God is so psychotic that I wouldn’t worship Him even if you could prove He was real, which thank God, you can’t. Your own Holy Book says that your God drowned 99.9999 percent of all air-breathing life on the planet. Kittens, Ray. He drowned jillions of kittens – and you worship Him. Are you crazy or what?”
When his book is released, Comfort plans to debate atheists on national television and radio programs.
He’s had friendly encounters with atheists, including an opportunity to speak from the platform at a conference in Orlando of the group American Atheists, founded by Madalyn Murray O’Hair, and at a dinner with 40 atheists in Orange County, Calif.
But he meets many angry “teeth-gritted” atheists, he said, “whose agenda isn’t to push atheism but to take from you and I the freedom that we have in this country to worship God.”
“They want to get prayer out of the inauguration, they want to get ‘In God we trust’ off our money, they want to stop Gideons from getting Bibles out in schools,” said Comfort.
These “zealots,” he said, “want to stamp God out of schools and out of American society because of the moral accountability that they’re held to”
“And it’s an absolute tragedy,” he said, “because every atheist is going to get the shock of his death. They’ve got everything to lose and nothing to gain. If the atheist is right and there is no God he doesn’t even get the joy of saying to theists, I told you so. But if there is a God, and he’s the God revealed in Holy Scripture, then he’s lost his very life of salvation, because heaven and hell are realities.”
Comfort said he’s seen many atheists come to faith in Jesus Christ, including a good friend.
“He saw no proof of God’s existence whatsoever,” Comfort said of his friend, “but one day he was driving along in his car, he went to a church, because he liked a girl at the church, and he listened to the preacher and got challenged. Stopped his car, and he said, God, I don’t know if you exist, but if you do, please reveal yourself to me. And he said it in earnestness, and God just absolutely transformed his heart, and he went on to become my ministry partner, Kirk Cameron.”

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