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For some time, I have been considering compiling various blog themes into free e-books, perhaps at some point making them available in print as well. While I was working on finalizing an original book, How to Study the Book of Job: A Concise Guide, it occurred to me to consolidate several posts on the life of Joseph. For some reason, posts on Joseph have been some of the most read and searched for here, and perhaps for good reason. In the book linked below, these posts have been edited, in some cases expanded upon, and compiled into a logical order with an attached addendum on Suffering and Glory. May God be glorified and His people be edified.

Soli Deo Gloria
The life of Joseph is familiar to most people, even if they are not familiar with much else from the Old Testament. Like a camera from different angles, in this brief study, the life of Joseph is the means to meditate on the goodness of God in showing favor to Joseph, how sin offends a Holy God, and how both God’s sovereignty and His providence reign and rule over our circumstances. In many respects these themes intertwine and overlap, but each give us opportunity to worship our Lord.
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