30 Day Challenge


            Here is a 30-day challenge I want to present to anyone that is having difficulty letting go of issues that may be holding them back from reaching the potential that God has for them.  It’s pretty simple, involves meeting once a week in a small group of friends, coworkers, relatives, etc. (preferably same sex).  It’s called an Accountability Group and it’s designed to rely on each other to overcome obstacles that you might not be able to let go of on your own.  Organize your group, set aside 30-40 minutes over lunch, coffee, or evening time and discuss the questions I’ll include below.  These are just a starting point to get you to think.  You can certainly modify them to meet your specific needs.  The goal is to draw on the strength of others through accountability.  I’ll bet after 30 days you’ll begin to see a positive change in your areas of struggle.  Remember the old adage of 1 stick is easily broken, but bundle together a group and their combined strength is nearly unbreakable.  Here are the questions:  


  1. Have you spent time with God on a regular basis? 
  2. Did you pray and read God’s word this week? How much time? What did you derive?
  3. Did you pray for others in this group? 
  4. Are you satisfied with the time you spent with the Lord this week? 
  5. Have you compromised your integrity in any way? 
  6. Has your thought life been pure? 
  7. Have you committed any sexual sin? 
  8. What was your biggest joy/disappointment of the week? 
  9. Did you control your tongue? 
  10. In what ways have you stepped out in faith since we last met? 
  11. Did you worship in church this week? 
  12. Have you lied about your answers to any of the above questions?

 I’d love to hear back from anyone who was willing to take this challenge and what impacts it has made, so feel free to share your comments or email me.


I’ll be praying for you.  God Bless! 



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