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This title blog was posted over at RenewAmerica and addresses some of the many works of apostasy that are making their ways into Christian bookstores, primarily because the publishers and store owners are not paying attention to the content of the books.  It is well worth the read and makes a point to identify some of the many authors of these books.  The following is an excerpt from that post:

For hundreds of years orthodox Christianity has held that the Bible is the Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, by supernatural power, and that every word in it is true. (2 Tim 3:16) Thus, Scripture has the power, or right, to command how people of faith live their lives. Then theological liberalism rears its ugly head and attempts to undermine established truths. The theological liberal pretends to be a Christian (“progressive Christian” is preferable) as he or she blatantly and unapologetically undermines the Divine authority of the scriptures in matters of faith and life. As a result of the onslaught of liberal influences, the Church is in dire straits!

False teachers and charlatans persist solely because Christian’s have become biblically illiterate. Many believers think studying the Bible is so dull and boring that they can’t be bothered anymore. So they’re ripe for the picking. And this is not the exception but the rule!

If it’s true that the Bible is God’s Word, shouldn’t what He says matter to those who believe in Him? Evidently not because many people who say they “love the Lord” have no clue what’s in the Bible – and clearly they don’t care to find out!


A word of warning about Christian bookstores. Bibles are sold in every color, shape and size, in translations that are supposedly “accurate” “up-to- date” and “easy to read.” If you don’t know what you’re buying, be careful! Many Bible translations are highly unorthodox, hence they’re unfit for Christian consumption! Albert Mohler, President of Baptist Theological Seminary, cautions that the translation a person chooses is “what they will have in their minds and what they will hide in their hearts.” Unorthodox material can lead ignorant souls into cults and apostate Christianity – and this is tragic!

The article goes on to point out some of the “prosperity preachers”, “word-faith” teachers, and emergent/emergence church leaders.  Additionally, the author, Marsha West, points the false biblical principles found in the bestseller The Shack.  A book review is provided there by Gary Gilley and below is an excerpt from his review:

 “The Shack, while occasionally getting things right is, in the end, a dangerous piece of fiction. It undermines Scripture and the church, presents at best a mutilated gospel, misrepresents the biblical teachings concerning the Godhead and offers a New Age understanding of God and the universe. This is not a great novel to explain tragedy and pain. It is a misleading work which will confuse many and lead others astray.”  

Check out the whole article here:

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