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Much like a stream meandering through an open field, I’ve somehow managed to digress off of a topic I began several months ago, namely the study of end times (eschatology) and slowly work my way back around to it.  What began with a review of The Meaning of Millennium: 4 Views migrated into some areas of what is known as Covenant Theology (of the Reformed Baptist variety, not to be confused with the Paedobaptist variety of which most people are familiar).  The reason for my unintentional deviation was twofold: 1) In the book review I started, I came to the section on dispensational premillennialism and realized that because it is so much more than a particular view of the end times, and is in fact a system of Biblical interpretation, some background needed to be laid down first. 2) My own personal study needed time to work through these issues and return time and again to Scripture.  Far from exhausting the subject, I’m also halfway through my seminary course on Eschatology (MCTS link) which has proved extremely helpful in clearing up some blurred lines I had.  With all that said, below is a summary of links for blog posts that I’ve scattered around over the last few months which deal specifically with end times, or related topics such as New Covenant membership. 

My hope is to proceed next, in this series, with a review of Herman Hoyt’s position of dispensational premillennialism found in The Meaning of Millennium and then perhaps offer a more direct critique of the view he espouses.  This will likely lead to related post topics such as the distinction between Israel and the Church, the land promise, Abrahamic Covenant, etc.  Lord willing I’ll be able to learn as I go and stay on task, but still have other posts sprinkled through.  Grace and Peace!


Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology

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  1. Good day. I was wondering if you can help me understand whether I can hold a Baptist Federalism biblical theology and also an historic premillennial eschatology?

  2. Hello Jay, thank you for stopping by with the question. Just for clarification by Baptist Federalism, I assume you’re referring to a Baptist Federalistic view of the covenants? Like 1689 Federalism for example?

    As I’m sure you know, Covenant Theology relates and informs one’s eschatology, but I don’t think it necessarily has to determine it. By that I mean holding to a Baptist Federalism wouldn’t of itself mean you had to be Amil or Postmil. I’m closely aligned with Federalism also and while I lean towards Amillennialism, I sometimes waiver over some verses that read more historic premil.

    Does that help answer your question? Please feel free to clarify if I’ve misunderstood.

    Grace and Peace,

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