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I was out of town this weekend on a getaway to Tennessee.  While driving, I couldn’t help but think about the old bumper stickers “God is my co-pilot”.  This started me thinking about this statement more deeply.  While it is a good slogan to show that God is in our lives, should it truly be the slogan of Christians?  I think too many times we try to be the pilots of our own lives thinking that God is along for the ride, when in fact, we should allow God to be driver.  Too often when we think we are in control we make poor decisions, take the wrong roads, become impatient and travel too fast.

Think about when Jesus was forming his team of disciples and the words he used when he called them.  Matthew 4:18-20 describes the calling of Jesus’ first disciples Peter and Andrew.  Jesus says, “Come follow Me” and again in Luke 5:27 to Levi (Matthew), “Follow Me”.  Jesus was setting the precedence early on, we are to follow Him.  He is our Leader, our Way. John 8:12

So ask yourself, what’s keeping you from allowing God to be the Pilot of your life?  What is it that’s holding you back?

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