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Sermon of the Week 3/7/12 – Paul Washer: 10 Indictments Against the Modern Church in America

Below is Paul Washer preaching a piercing and convicting message for churches today.  He outlines his sermon with 10 Indictments:

  1. Practical denial of the Sufficiency of Scripture
  2. Ignorance of God
  3. A Failure to address Man’s Malady (sin)
  4. Ignorance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  5. Ignorance of the Doctrine of Regeneration
  6. Unbiblical Gospel Invitation
  7. Ignorance regarding the Nature of the Church
  8. Lack of Loving and Compassionate Church Discipline
  9. Silence on Separation. Void on teaching Holiness.
  10. Psychology and Sociology have replaced Scripture with regard to Families

May God raise up men who are willing to pray for revival and fearlessly work for reform in our churches.