Implications from the First Great Commission

As a follow-up to my last post on The First Great Commission, I’ve tried to summarize into a list 12 implications from the sending out of the apostles.  Below, with Scripture references, is how I’ve broken down the first Apostolic Commission. 

  1. Ambassadors for Christ: Matt. 10:40-41
  2. Empowered by Christ: Mark 6:7
  3. Dependent upon Christ: Mark 6:8
  4. Proclaimers of Christ: Mark 6:12
  5. Protected by Christ: Matthew 10:16-20
  6. Suffer like Christ: Matthew 10:22-23
  7. Rejected like Christ: Matthew 10:21-23; Matthew 10:24-25; See also: Mark 3:20-21
  8. Obedient to Christ: Mark 6:12-13
  9. Prepared by Christ: Matthew 10:24; Luke 22:35-38
  10. Preserved by Christ: Matthew 10:19, 22
  11. Accountable to Christ: Mark 6:30
  12. Rested with Christ: Mark 6:31


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