Modern Church Machinery


By Charles Spurgeon 

Friends! the churches have no need for the modern machinery which has supplanted the simplicity of faith.

I truly believe, that if the Lord swept the church committees and schemes out of the universe, we would be better without them.

I hope the church will soon say, like David in Saul’s clanking armor, “I cannot go with these”–and with only her sling and her stone, confident in her God, I trust she will confront her foe.

We can do all things, if we can but trust Christ. But nothing is possible to your man-made schemes and systems.

God will sweep them away yet, and happy shall be that man who shall lead the van in their utter destruction! Go up against her, take away her bulwarks, for they are not the Lord’s; He did not ordain them, nor will He stand by them.

Act in faith, O people of God, and prove the power of prayer–for “all things are possible to him who believes.” Mark 9:23

The fact is, God does not need our power–but our weakness.
He does not need our greatness–but our nothingness.



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  1. Amen! Just finished up a week of vbs. Where most of the adults stood over the children barking about God and hurrying to get through the lesson “plans.” Tears my heart up. In the miniscule amounts of time I had, I attempted to simply talk to the kids. Ask them questions, get to know them, show them that I care about them as an induvidual. One young man liked water instead of the juice they were serving. At dinner time, I made it a point to bring him a bottle of water. Nothing major, I know, but he will remember that I took the time to know him. There is far too much time and money being spent on books, lessons, and ridiculous “awards” ceremonies for doing nothing more than showing up. Meh.

  2. Sounds like an all too familiar situation Wendi. I suppose we could take your example for VBS and extend it across the majority of what constitutes itself as a church in the United States and arrive at the same conclusion, Meh.

    I wonder, if these were the issues of Spurgeon’s day, as he wrote above, what would he have to say about the situation of today?

    Grace and Peace,

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