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One of interesting components of online writing, particularly in blog form is the ability to see, review, and otherwise critique previous writings.  In a very real sense, blogging allows for a review of how one’s writing has developed, how thought processes have changed, and how one’s theology has matured (hopefully).

This same observation was made by many of the more profound writers in Church History, for example Augustine.  After the publication of numerous writings, Augustine realized that some of his previous thoughts were in need of revision and editing.  I suppose the mark of a good writer, whether theological or not, is the ability to recognize areas where they have been lacking, inaccurate, or otherwise wrong and make public those changes.

In an online forum like this, the easy thing to do would be to simply delete or make unnoticeable edits to blogs and go on with future writing projects.  But this doesn’t seem helpful.  In my own case, I’ve recently reviewed the large majority of the over 600 posts I’ve written here in an effort to whittle down what I view as the most helpful posts.  In doing so, I’ve found many things that I wish I had expressed differently, not written at all, or those writings that are in need of major clarification and revision.

I’ve decided that as I encounter those posts, I will make appropriate edits, identifying them within the text, and republish them under the blog category “Retractions and Edits”.

In my humble opinion, it is the height of arrogance to allow known errors to go unrecognized or to assume infallibility.  Likewise, it is the height of arrogance to think that one has “already arrived” as the Apostle Paul states so clearly (Phil. 3:12).  Not that our doctrine or views on Scripture should be blown like a reed in the wind, but we should hold to them in such away that the Spirit of God through the Word of God may refine and reform them to be more in accordance with what God has revealed.

Hopefully this will be beneficial and edifying to both those who follow this blog and those who, like many, stumble upon it through various search engines.

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