The Danger of Unconfessed Sin – A poetic paraphrase of Joshua 7

Battles were waged. Daily, victory was declared.

Jericho’s walls were torn down.

On to the next battle we marched, not knowing defeat was near.

Lord why bring your people across the Jordan, to revival?

Wasn’t it safer on the other side?


Rise up Joshua!

Why do you lie on your face? Sin has entered the camp!

Victory will no longer be ours.

Get up! Sanctify the people!

Sanctify yourselves for tomorrow!


There is an accursed thing in your midst, O Israel.

The covenant of the Lord has been transgressed.

Do not hide your wrongdoing, give glory to the Lord, make confession!

The sin is buried under the tent.

Why have you troubled us with your offense? The Lord will trouble you this day!


The transgressor must be cast out.

Lord, have mercy on your people.

Turn from the fierceness of Your anger.

That we may have peace with you.

And return to Victory once again.

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