The Seriousness of Sin

Puritan Thomas Watson in his definitive work, The Doctrine of Repentance, details for us the seriousness of sin by pointing out 20 evils contained therein.  I’ve listed them briefly below.

1. Every sin is a recession from God.

2. Sin is walking contrary to God.

3. Sin is injury to God.  It violates His laws.

4. Sin is profound ignorance.

5. Sin is a piece of desperateness.

6. Sin besmears with filth.

7. In sin there is odious ingratitude.

8. Sin is a debasing thing.

9. Sin is a damage. In every sin there is infinite loss.

10. Sin is a burden.

11. Sin is a debt.

12. There is deceitfulness in sin.

13. Sin is a spiritual sickness.

14. Sin is a bondage.

15. Sin has a spreading malignity in it. It does hurt not only to a man’s self, but to others.

16. Sin is a vexatious thing. It brings trouble with it.

17. Sin is an absurd thing.

18. There is cruelty in every sin. With every sin you commit, you give a stab to your soul.

19. Sin is a spiritual death.

20. Sin without repentance tends to final damnation.

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