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Recently with the completion of a short series on the New Testament use of Ekklesia, it brought to conclusion a long standing study on defining the meaning of church. Dating back to 2017, this series was the development of returning again and again to God’s Word as well as time…lots of time thinking about how God has defined His church and how He expects it to be formed and function.

Lord willing, the product of these efforts will be first a free e-book where several of these posts from 2017 to present have been collected and edited into volume 1, What is Church? Should the Lord allow, this will be the first volume of a number of books dedicated to understanding better what is meant by Christ building His church (ekklesia). Volume 2 is tentatively planned to be the doctrinal development of the universal church and is meant to be a historical supplement to the first volume. As a second effort, perhaps these e-books can be edited into Kindle or print-on-demand format at some point in the not-too-distant future. As it stands now, volume 1, What is Church? in e-book format is approximately 90% complete. It includes the following posts: Soli Deo Gloria

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